Kitty does Yoga


In the last ten days, I’ve worked through seven Bikram yoga classes, one vinyasa class and one personal training session. I’ve exercised more in the past ten days than I have in the first three months of 2013.

Why the sudden change?

I’m tying the knot in July and I need to start looking a little less like this –


and start looking a little more like this –


My journey into yoga started just slightly more than a decade ago. Sadly, I never kept at it regularly enough to enjoy visible changes to my flexibility and strength. Instead, I would explore it in spurts and wonder why I never managed to get far in my practice.

2012 saw me explore a plethora of other fitness options, including Muay Thai, weights and the TRX. I gave up Muay Thai because I kept scuffing my knee up and it hurt to strike injured knee against punching bag week after week after week. My affair with weight lifting was a sporadic one because I never really pushed myself hard enough when it was just me and the free weights. I have a TRX hanging by a door anchor in my bedroom, but the only time I use one is when I have sessions with my personal trainer in the gym. And those sessions happen only once a week. Hardly enough to go from fat to phat.

Enter Bikram. I don’t really know why I decided to return to Bikram. The last time I entered a hot room and completed the 26 signature asanas must have been more than five years ago. At that time, I had probably done about ten classes and then got done in by the heat. I suppose it might have been desperation and the pressure to have slimmer arms and a smaller waistline by July. Three months isn’t a lot of time and I need something that works. Bikram claims to melt away the calories and that sounds exactly like what I need.

So here I am. Back to the mat. Hopefully for good this time.



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