What the heck is a Japanese ham sandwich?


# of Bikram sessions done this week – 1

During Bikram today, I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself at some of the metaphors sprinkled throughout the discourse. In some of the reading I’ve done about Bikram yoga, I’ve learnt that Bikram teachers have to memorise a 40-page script before being allowed to graduate from Bikram Yoga Teaching Training. This is meant to ensure that Bikram students the world over receive the teaching as though it were from Bikram himself. I suppose there’s lots to debate over this particular methodology, but it’s highly amusing because Bikram is clearly not a native English Language speaker, yet teachers, whether native or otherwise, have to repeat his dialogue verbatim.

In one of the poses for Ardha-Chandrasana, or half-moon pose, I’m told to bend forward and grab my heels from behind, then to tuck my elbows behind my knees and glue my upper body to my thighs. There aren’t supposed to be any gaps in the posture and my body is supposed to resemble a Japanese ham sandwich. Wait… what? What the heck is a Japanese ham sandwich???



I really am not too sure I see any similarity, and I always find myself muffling a laugh while I do my best to touch my face to my sweaty shin.


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