# of Bikram sessions done this week – Still just 1

It’s been a slow week for yoga. It started with Warren and I feeling a little out of sorts on Tuesday morning. He complained of a sore throat, I just felt seriously lethargic. I got us out of our schedule Vinyasa yoga class, and that turned out to be a blessing because the poor boy was running a temperature by evening. We’ve been to see a doctor today and we’ve decided to stay away from Bikram till Friday at the very earliest. I could probably go on my own, but I feel like I might have caught a little something from him and it might be better to nip it in the bud with lots of water and sleep. 

Honestly, I feel rather lousy. While dragging my ass to Bikram was always really tough because I knew I was setting myself up for a HOT and trying 90 minutes, there’s never been one session where I’ve left the mat feeling worse off. I always feel better after yoga, no doubt about it. Two days away from the mat and I’m feeling creaky, bloated and meh. I’m really looking forward to Friday and I’m uber hopeful that the boy will be well enough to join me for class.

On another note, I chanced upon this video on my facebook feed today.



It’s probably old news for most since it’s been making its rounds on the various social media sites. It really set me to thinking about my own self image. How would I have described myself if I had been one of the women in the video? Squarish jaw, nose too large for my face, thin lips? It’s become so natural for us to focus on the things that we want to change about ourselves, rather than appreciate the things we should be grateful for, like being alive, educated, employed, and in love. 

I decided to show the video to my class of 40 eleven-year-old girls. I thought it quite sad to see the message reverberate with most of them. I wondered what had become of their childish innocence. What had caused them to be acquainted with self-doubt so early in their years? They were not unfamiliar with the concept of having low self-esteem and agreed wholeheartedly with me when I told them about the importance of being grateful for what they already had.

I feel like yoga has gone a long way in helping me love myself more. I love myself for bringing myself to the mat and trusting in my practice to renew and refresh me. I love sharing in the energy of the room and using that to fuel my own practice. I love the calm it brings me when I have to focus and eradicate my mind of all distractions to balance and deepen the poses. I love how it makes all the other challenges in my life seem so small and trivial in comparison to finding my inner happiness.


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