# of Bikram sessions done last week – 2

The boy and I managed to get in two good Bikram sessions last Wednesday and Thursday. In fact, last Thursday, a friend of ours joined us for class and we had a good post-workout meal at MOS Burger. Not entirely healthy, but there wasn’t much else to choose from at ten pm in town. I had a great class on Wednesday, but it was tough getting through Thursday’s class because I was feeling so tired. We took a break on Friday.

On Saturday, I went for a session with my personal trainer. He focused on getting me to train my core with the TRX. I love the TRX, but I usually need a lot of motivation to get through functional training. It’s just not as mentally stimulating to me as Bikram is. This time, however, was different! Perhaps because I’ve been religiously Bikram-ing for two to three straight weeks, I found that my endurance had improved leaps and bounds. For instance, when my trainer last got me to do knee to chest crunches on the TRX, I had only been able to do five at a go before having to rest. This time, I could do 15! It was amazing! He weighed me after class and we found that I’d managed to lose an entire kilogram of fat over three weeks and gain 800 grams of muscle! I was, as you might imagine, positively gleeful!

I was still high from that euphoria when I dragged the boy to Bikram on Sunday morning. I headed up to the gym to check us in first while he parked the car. As he got off the escalator outside the gym, I noticed him hopping on one foot. Assuming he’d simply stepped in something undesirable, I didn’t expect to see rivers of blood flowing down his shin. The dear boy had somehow managed to puncture his shin with the grooves of the escalator edge.


As you can imagine, we didn’t manage to do class in the end. Instead, we spent the rest of our Sunday searching for a doctor so he could get glued up and jabbed for tetanus. We haven’t been for Bikram since, though I am absolutely dying to go for class. Tomorrow’s our first session of this week.


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