Target met!


# of Bikram sessions completed this week – 3

I met my target of 3 Bikram classes this week! Funnily enough, it was only in the first 2 weeks of starting bikram that I managed to clock in that number. In fact, if I recall correctly, I started off trying to go for about 5 sessions a week. If you’ve read my previous posts, you will see that I’ve been sorely lacking ever since.

I did the first 2 classes of the week on my own because Warren was down with the common cold. I find that it’s very different when he’s there and when he’s not there. For some reason, I find it harder to challenge myself when he’s absent. When he’s in class with me, we silently encourage each other to persevere through forced smiles in the toughest of poses and occasional thumbs up signals to let each other know we’re still alive. You can’t imagine how important this is when one of us is making queer sounds as if being strangulated. ^^

So as I was saying, class was a little tougher earlier this week because I was alone. There were many occasions where I honestly wanted to give up and sit down. In the first class I took this Tuesday, I ended up sitting out the second set for some postures. I was worried Thursday’s class would see a repeat of this low energy, but I was pleasantly proven wrong. The teacher, you see, was one I had never encountered before, and boy, was she a bitch. Don’t get me wrong. I mean this in as nice a way as possible. She pointed out areas for improvement brutally. It’s nice to be given some pointers on how to improve, but I wonder how she has managed to survive so long being so downright authoritarian. Her class was, however, my best class of the week in that I managed to do all of the postures. /gasp

Warren felt up to bikram today so we went for the morning class together. It owned our asses. We thoroughly underestimated the importance of breakfast and we were floored after the first few postures. The moment I had to bend down, the blood rushed to my head and I started seeing double. Lesson learn. Protein shakes do not a breakfast make. We need something more, like a tomato and cheese omelette. Mmm. Till next time!


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